Jungle Boys best marijuana strains online

Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys best marijuana weed strains

Go pheno hunting with Jungle Boys. We ranked these heavenly hybrids that range from heady to heavy for a foolproof way to find your high.

There’s only one way to get the best strains from Jungle Boys, and that’s at their SoCal dispensaries. If you’re in Orange County or LA, then you’re in luck. Check out their site for a full menu of what’s available today.

1. Strawberry Shortcake

“The high hits slowly and creates an overall sense of calm,” the author says. I’d just gotten home from vocal lessons and needed to unwind. This did the trick—I’m no longer stoned baloney, but rather serene.”

Pros: With sweet and smooth smoke and approachable effects, this hybrid is a fan favorite. Take a dose or two in the morning for a mood lift that lasts all day, or go all out on weekends for waves of relaxation and contemplation that conclude with a body buzz.

There are no drawbacks to this strain, so smoke it with confidence.

2. Mimosa #26

As cited: “This flower makes me want to do laundry, watch the clouds pass by, and play with my cat all at the same time. Life is a beautiful thing.”

Pros: This flower is equally effective at kicking off your day as it is at calming you down at the end of it. If you do plan to ride the productivity highs it brings, keep in mind that the energy is more creative than analytical.
Cons: While going hard can be exhilarating, the effects are more spacey than sedating.

3. Jungle Boys Gelato

“If you smoked this flower and didn’t love it, I’d question your taste in almost everything,” the author says.

Pros: Gelato delivers a joyful high that you can take with you wherever you go. Lie down with your spouse and binge-watch your favorite show, or put on your hiking boots and hit the trail. There isn’t a wrong decision to be made here.

Cons: There are none, so get out of here and give it a try.

4. Divorce Cake

“Got creative putting stuff to some microwaveable Kraft Mac & Cheese, pretty sure it’s actually bad, but I’m into it right now,” she said.

Pros: This substantial hybrid will assist you in checking out. Your discomfort will be relieved and you will be able to forget about whatever has been bothering you thanks to a strong body buzz and head high. It won’t solve your problems, but it will make you forget about them for the evening.

Cons: It’s a little sedating, so don’t put too much on your schedule. On second thinking, perhaps you shouldn’t make one at all.

5. White Durban

“Well, my productivity has gone out the window, but I’m feeling terrific,” she said. I have a pleasant buzz throughout my entire body, which gives you a general sense of well-being.”

Pros: After a workout or a long day, White Durban is the best way to unwind. Even in the most tense moments, earthy undertones will relax you as a body buzz and pleasant thoughts take control.

Cons: Only use this strong, indica-leaning combination after you’ve completed the day’s most vital activities; else, your lazy side will show.

Best jungle boys strain

6. OG High Octane

As cited: “It’s just a very nice and chill high. But not to the point of being melted into my couch or anything. It will be fine to get to work. My minor hangover has vanished, which is obviously fantastic.”

Pros: This indica-dominant hybrid is ideal for unwinding after a long day. It’s also a good hangover cure if your day has already been ruined and you just want to feel better. Any remaining muscle aches should be relieved in the same way.

Cons: Nothing noteworthy, and although it won’t excite you, it won’t bring your day to a halt either.

7. Topanga Canyon

“This strain reminds me of some of the first times I ever got high,” one user said. This is obviously beneficial and desirable in a strain, but I have no idea how much work I’ll be able to accomplish. My present plan is to take a break from work and play video games.”

Pros: The uplifting properties make this a social high that leaves you with a lasting smile. It’s also a terrific way to spend an evening with your favorite movie and some self-care. Because of the strong effects, this is a good substitute for alcohol.

Cons: The smoke might be smoother, and some users experienced heady effects, so this one would be best avoided at certain times of day.

8. Jungle Cake

As cited: “My excitement has reached a climax. It’s excellent, similar to other sativa-hybrids or hybrids I’ve had recently, but less weary and sleepy and more energetic and buzzy.”

Pros: From the moment you open the bag, you’ll be enthralled by the trichome-heavy buds and the citrus and herbaceous aroma. This strain has moderate effects, making it ideal for doing chores or spending time in nature on a day off. The high comes and passes without much to notice, which is sometimes exactly what we want.

Cons: While the perfume is appealing, the flavor could be stronger.

9. Mimosa #14

As cited: “This flower’s bag appeal and nose are both excellent. The head high is soothing but not unsettling, so I can get on with my day.”

Pros: This accessible sativa-hybrid is ideal for daytime jobs that don’t necessitate full-throttle performance. You can expect to be softly raised to a lovely peak that will not crash as you descend.

Cons: There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s nothing spectacular. If you’re looking for a mimosa, try their #26.

10. Perfect Triangle #4

As cited: “I’m in a good mood. This would be a good wake ‘n’ bake for me on a lazy Sunday. It’s not a kick start, but it’s a nice high to kick back with.”

Pros: This is a simple high that reminds me of how stoned people are portrayed in movies. It’s perfect for a sociable smoke and calm session on the weekend. Expect to laugh out loud with your friends on the couch.

Cons: This high can make you jittery, so plan on having a clear day or night ahead of you.

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