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Best Nutrients For Cannabis Plants

Best Cannabis Nutrients

Best Cannabis Nutrients: Top 10 Reviews for Marijuana Plants Whether you’re growing cannabis for your use or commercial purposes, you have probably realized that there is more to it than sowing your seeds in good soil, watering them now and then, and having grow-lights. Cannabis plants, just like any other plant, require nutrients to survive […]

Jungle Boys best marijuana strains online

Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys best marijuana weed strains Go pheno hunting with Jungle Boys. We ranked these heavenly hybrids that range from heady to heavy for a foolproof way to find your high. There’s only one way to get the best strains from Jungle Boys, and that’s at their SoCal dispensaries. If you’re in Orange County or LA, then […]

Best Cannabis Nutrients and Compost Tea

Cannabis Nutrients

A Simple Guide to Cannabis Nutrients and Compost Tea o raise healthy, lush cannabis plants, follow the lead of professional growers and learn about the plant’s basic nutritional needs during cultivation.  Cannabis Nutrients Here’s a quick guide to cannabis nutrients — measuring and monitoring pH-balanced water, making compost teas, and how to guide your plants […]