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  • 1 pound___$1400
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AK-47 may have a violent name, but it’s quite the mild and amiable hybrid strain of marijuana.


  • Has won more than a dozen awards
  • Offers a longer than average high
  • Flowers in just seven weeks indoors


  • Can be sensitive to mold and fungal rot

AK-47 is a blend of South American sativa and Afghani indica. Offering a gentle buzz, it’s a great hybrid strain for people who need a casual mood boost. It contains up to 20% THC and offers clear-headed relaxation along with a solution for anxiety and stress.

Many people report that the high from AK-47 lasts longer than normal. Despite its initial tones of sourness, it has an earthy smell that makes way for a spicy overall flavor. It can be grown outside and will be ready for harvest, in the right climate, in October. You’ll get about 14 oz per plant.

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1/4 lb_____$450, 1/2 lb_____$750, 1 pound___$1400

4 reviews for AK 4

  1. john

    thanks for the delivery and good quality

  2. Joe Brandy

    Ordering was quick and easy, and my package arrived exactly when it said it would. The stickers and candies were a nice touch. Very happy with this guys and will probably order from them again.

  3. Frank Carl

    When my order arrived it came right on time. Great company, Would do business with them again.

  4. Roy Maddison

    Great product! Personal greetings are a nice touch. It arrived fast! Very happy! Would recommend to others.

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