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Grand Hindu

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Grand Hindu by Burnwell

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

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They make some quality cannabis products over there at good ol’ Burnwell. Their Grand Hindu is delicioso, with a taste of grape and strong effects. It didn’t put me to bed, but it helped me zone out with friends as we reflected on a busy day.


10 Prerolls-$150, 15 prerolls-$225, 25 Prerolls-$375, 50 prerolls-$750, 100 prerolls-$1500

3 reviews for Grand Hindu

  1. Kelly Josh

    My vape came very quickly
    My vape came very quickly, and works very well.

  2. Malvelo

    Had what I needed and got
    Had what I needed and got
    it to me quickly.

  3. Njo Brandine

    Outstanding product. Love it.
    Outstanding product. Easy to use, and has enhanced my experience greatly. I can’t use a butane lighter for any dry herb anymore because it honestly tastes like trash. Works great for Budder too. Already convinced a friend to get one and I am genuinely excited for him!

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