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Plum Dawg Millionaire

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Plum Dawg Millionaire by Fire Bros.

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

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As far as pre-rolls go, Fire Bros. might be the best in Washington. The first joint I smoked in Washington was their Lemon Alien Dawg and, ooooohweee, it had me floating through the streets for hours. Their tasty Plum Dawg Millionaire is no different. A complex cross of Chemdog 4 and GSC genetics, this strain is sure to satisfy any connoisseur of classic cannabis varieties.


10 Prerolls-$150, 15 prerolls-$225, 25 Prerolls-$375, 50 prerolls-$750, 100 prerolls-$1500

3 reviews for Plum Dawg Millionaire

  1. Morice

    Great service, very nice followup with emails regarding getting the most out of the particular vape device I purchased. Pretty amazing warranty. Very happy with TOPFLIGHT CONNECT. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ebolomia

    Great people to deal with
    Order was filled very quickly and shipped within 2 days. Very friendly staff !!

  3. Rosine

    Man just get your vape here
    Man, just get your vapes here, easiest thing in the world. Click a few buttons order whatcha want and then it gets to you, they even reach out personally. Do you know how hard it is to reach out to every vape head during covid? Ridiculous. I appreciated it tho. best site out there 👌

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