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Sweet Aromatic

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10 Carts-$250, 15 Carts-$375, 25 Carts-$600, 100 Carts-$2000

4 reviews for Sweet Aromatic

  1. Hedwig

    Unbelievably great customer service.

  2. Fiona Kane

    TOP FLIGHT CONNECT SUPPLIER is awesome…. Suppliers not so much.
    First, you can’t beat these guys for prompt response and making every effort to provide A1 service. The constantly changing shipment delays are NOT their fault. One specific product (of course the one I anxiously await) has been problematic due to the supplier. So if you run into delays, don’t blame these guys. Initially I did and that was unfair since the situation is out of their control. Personally I appreciate the 5% refund to inconvenienced customers! That was generous and had to hit their profit margin on a $350 item!

  3. Evrad

    Smooth process
    Easy to navigate. Great discount!

  4. John Duls

    One of a kind service
    Awesome got my g connect a day before couldn’t be any happier the services was one of a kind got text message about my order I’m going keep buying products and using Weedipedia for it 😎

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